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Are you driving around with only one key for your Audi? If you lose your only key, it can be an expensive, difficult and time consuming process to have new keys made to your Audi. Our friendly staff at Replacement Car keys are experts when it comes to Spare Audi Keys.

Instead of having to wait for Genuine Audi keys to be cut and sent to you from overseas, the Team at Replacement Car Keys can produce Spare Keys for your Audi in a flash. We can also stock Remote Keys, Slot Keys and Smart Keys to suit your Audi. Our keys also cost significantly less than through Audi Dealerships in Australia.

2013 + Audi MQB Keys

From 2013 – Audi vehicles are built upon a new platform, making it more complicated to provide you with a spare key. Providing you with a spare MQB key depends completely upon the software and hardware of Instrument Cluster your Audi has. It doesn’t take long for us to check, so please don’t hesitate making a booking with us.

Unfortunately if you have no keys to your 2013 + Audi, your only option is to go through the Dealership. Sometimes Genuine Keys can take weeks to arrive from Germany, so please make sure you have a spare key!

Searching for Spare Audi Keys?

Fill in the enquiry form, and please don’t forget to put in your Year and Model. If your key is a Slot Key or a Smart Key, be sure to let us know.

We also stock a large range of Remote Keys, Slot Keys and Smart Keys to suit your Audi. We program keys on the spot.

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