Smart Keys BMW

If your BMW comes with a Slot style key or a smart key and you’re down to your last key, it’s important to act now. We can guarantee if you have an already working E Series Smart key, that we’re able to supply, Cut and Program an extra key to start your car. If you have comfort access installed, we can make sure to your new key will function the same as your original key.

The BMW Slot / Smart Keys that we use have a REPLACEABLE BATTERY! If you’ve had an issue where your remote stopped working on a Factory BMW Key, you can’t recharge the battery. With our keys, you simply install a new battery and you’re good to go.

Lost your only BMW Key? BMW Remote Keys, Slot Keys and Smart keys can take days to come in from overseas, and you’ll pay a premium price through the dealership. The team at Replacement Car Keys always have BMW Keys in stock, and have the equipment to get you out of an “All Keys Lost” situation when other automotive locksmiths can’t.

Interested? Give the team at Replacement Car Keys a call today. We can save you lots of money on your BMW Smart, Slot and Remote Keys.

Need help finding your VIN?

Your VIN can be found in many places on your vehicle or on the paperwork related to your vehicle. It’s 17 digits long and consists of letters and numbers. It can be found on your registration papers, logbooks or on a sticker on the engine bay or door frame.

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