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No matter what kind of Toyota you drive, whether it’s a Camry, Hilux, Corolla, Rav4, Yaris, Echo, Aurion, Land Cruiser, Hiace or any other kind of Toyota, we can supply you with new Toyota keys. Whether you’ve lost all of your keys or just need a spare, we specialise in all types of Replacement Toyota Keys.

With older models, the Immobiliser Unit needs to be removed in order for new keys to be programmed. Most locksmiths shy away from this type of work. Fortunately, Replacement Car Keys havhttp://www.replacementcarkeys.com.au/lost-keys/toyotae the knowledge, experience and equipment in order to get your Toyota back on the road.

Toyota have added extra security to their newer models. If your Toyota key has a G or H stamped on it and you only have one key, its important to act now and get a Spare Key.

If you’re unfortunate enough to lose ALL keys to a Toyota G Chip or H Chip system, it is an expensive and time consuming process to get new keys programmed. G and H chip systems require an existing master key to enable programming of an extra key. If all keys are lost, it means replacing Immobiliser ECU behind the dash of the vehicle which can cost thousands at your local Toyota dealer. Luckily, our programming equipment that is better than Toyota’s Genuine Programming Equipment, so we can save you time and money.

Call us today to find out how we can save you money on your G Chip and H Chip Replacement Toyota Keys.

We also specialise in Toyota Smart Keys, with services to reset and reuse old Smart Keys. Have you lost the only Proximity / Smart Key to your Toyota? Replacement Car Keys have you covered.

Looking for a remote key for your Toyota? Make sure you fill in the details correctly for an instant quote.

Need help finding your VIN?

Your VIN can be found in many places on your vehicle or on the paperwork related to your vehicle. It’s 17 digits long and consists of letters and numbers. It can be found on your registration papers, logbooks or on a sticker on the engine bay or door frame.

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