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If you drive a Saab, Replacement Car Keys have all of the knowledge, experience and equipment in order to supply Spare or Replacement Saab Keys.

Most Automotive Locksmiths avoid programming Saab keys at all costs, as they are difficult to do. Our highly trained technicians will come to you and leave you with working Saab keys. We’ll get you back on the road quicker than anyone else!

There are two main types of Saab Keys:

1: A metal “Bladed” key that goes into a Metal Ignition Lock

2: A plastic “Hub” key that you insert into a Plastic Ignition lock.

Make sure you tell us the type of key your vehicle uses so we can provide you with an accurate price.

Stranded? We sell and Program Replacement Saab Keys.

Need a Spare or Replacement Key for your Saab? Enter in your details, and don’t forget your VIN, so we can match up the right type of key to suit your vehicle. Otherwise feel free to call your local branch, who’s details are located on the Contact Page.

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