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Do you drive a Peugeot? Rest assured that Replacement Car Keys have all of the knowledge, experience and equipment in order to supply Spare and Replacement Peugeot Keys.

Peugeot share the same key and Immobiliser systems with Citroen and even some Mitsubishi models.

All Peugeot models require a 4 digit PIN to program keys to your vehicle. This PIN is normally found with your Warranty and Service manual on a credit-card sized card. If you don’t have the PIN, our advanced diagnostic equipment can extract it from your vehicle. The alternative is to buy a new card through Peugeot, which will need to come from overseas!

We’re confident in our key programming abilities, so you should be too. If you’re looking for a new Remote Key, we offer great quality Remote Flip Keys in a number of different styles.

Do you start your vehicle by pressing a Start/Stop button? If so, we stock Smart Keys to suit your Peugeot, and we’re much cheaper than the dealerships.

Need any Spare or Replacement Peugeot Keys?

Enter in your details, including your VIN, so we can match up the right type of key for vehicle. Otherwise, feel free to give us a call clicking on our Contact Page to find your local branch.


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