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Hyundai vehicles becoming more popular on Australian roads. With every new model, comes a new type of key. We’re constantly researching, ordering, testing and keeping up with the latest Replacement Hyundai Keys.

If you own a Hyundai, we can provide you with a key for it. Depending on the level of trim your vehicle has, your Hyundai will either come with a “Bladed” key, or a “Smart Key”. Save yourself

We specialise in Replacement Hyundai Keys

We require your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for ALL Spare or Replacement Hyundai Keys, as they use a Security Code which Hyundai won’t release to anyone. Don’t worry, we have all the equipment to efficiently provide you with any Spare or Replacement Hyundai Keys.

Your VIN will be located on your Registration Papers, on a Plate in the Engine Bay, on the Driver/Passenger Side Door of your vehicle or in your Log Book.

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